- For moves that go further than 100 miles, the price is based on the actual weight of your shipment.

- Economy Movers, can handle it! Give us a call and let us know where you are headed, often times if you have a flexible schedule we can combine your shipment with someone else headed the same way and save you money.

- Free use of our wardrobe boxes! (Wardrobe boxes are the large cartons that can accommodate the hanging clothes in your closet)

  • You load them up when we arrive the day of the move and unload them when we are done at delivery, its that simple! We take them back and it is all at no charge to you.
  • Need boxes for your upcoming move?? Come pick up some of our plastic totes…FREE! No more hassle of trying to scrounge around and find boxes.

    - Buying regular cardboard cartons can be costly, and then what do you do with them when you are done??
    - Our totes are self closing, no tape required!
    -Just come in, put down a fully refundable deposit for as many as you think you might need, when we
      get them back from after your move, you get 100% of your deposit back! (Fine Print: Economy
      Movers must actually perform your move…)
    -We can also help you unpack at destination and return the totes on the spot instead of trying to find a way
      to get them back from where it is you have moved from. 


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